SCAL Surprise

A couple of days ago, I purchased Sure Cuts a Lot to learn how to use it and better support other KNK Force users.  After a bit of procrastination, I finally installed it. My first task was to setup a 15×15 custom mat preset.  My next few mouse clicks would reveal a nice surprise.  No spoilers, just watch the video!

If you’re not already a Sure Cuts a Lot owner, purchasing it through this link puts a little change in the CutterPunk tip jar at no cost to you.

Thanks and happy cutting!


  1. Thank you for all your support in the community. I already owned SCAL4 and just received my Force early this week. SCAL does not show the Force as an option. There is nothing between KNK and Koala. And the Force is not an option under the KNK heading. I have version 4.044. Attempting to update thru the software indicates I have the newest version and the SCAL website shows a version 4.047, however when I attempt to download again it will only show version 4.044. Any advice?

  2. Hi Ryan, were you able to solve your problem with SCAL and it not ahowing the force in the dropdown bar, im curently haveing the same problem and do not know how to setup my force to cut with SCAL, and if it is able to cut wireless?

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