Safety Pins for Solidarity

Jenny from CraftTestDummies, one of my favorite craft geeks, shared an impassioned Periscope last night. She’s channeling some of her post-election colère in to making some polymer clay statement pieces and also started a Facebook group called Craftivists that’s gotten nearly 500 members in 24 hours.  Werk!

For more back story on the symbolism of the safety pin, check out this article from the BBC.  Of course there’s more to do than merely wearing a simple safety pin, but I like that the safety pin is evolving in to an international symbol of anti-bigotry and solidarity with marginalized people.

Taking an inspirational cue from Jenny, I made a few SVG files with the idea that they’d be good for t-shirts and heat transfer vinyl.  I designed them to be 11″x11″ so they’re easy to cut on any machine.  Rather than stop at a single safety pin, I chose to make a ring of 40 safety pins with different things in the middle.  Hopefully one of them suits you!


Click each photo to download the corresponding SVG.


If you’d prefer something simpler, here’s a simple 3.75″x1.25″ safety pin — perfect for a little vinyl car decal!


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