Font Licensing the Cheap and Easy Way

I have had so many conversations related to typography this week that I thought it might deserve a blog post.  Being an active participant in a lot of online groups, one of the most frequently asked questions I see is “What font is that?”  I’ve learned to visually recognize fonts I don’t even own or use because of the repetition, but things become popular for a reason, right?

Typography is one of those things that experiences trends.  Handwritten, brush scripts, and intensely curly fonts are especially trendy and popular right now.  If you’re reading this, you probably already know that choosing the right font can make a big impact.  Having a diverse font library at your disposal is thus a great asset.

It’s easy to find free fonts for personal use, but when doing business related things it’s a good idea to ensure you’re using properly licensed fonts.  From an ethical point of view, if you’re creating things for sale, the right thing to do is to support the other creators who are making that possible for you!

Licensing fonts may sound a little daunting, but there are simple solutions to this problem.  Simple and convenient don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. is a fantastic site that has a especially great deal going on right now.  They have a font bundle that includes 40 of their best-selling fonts for only $32!  It’s an incredible deal and the included fonts represent a full range of trendy styles so you’ll get a lot of mileage from a very small investment. Even better, they all come with commercial licenses so you can use them on your products without fear of negative repercussions or self-inflicted guilt.

The fonts will work with your cutting machine software like Sure Cuts a Lot, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, etc. so you can easily use them on your vinyl projects, signs, cards, and more.

Check out all 40 fonts included in this awesome bundle by clicking the image below.  Don’t waste too much time, though, as this bundle is only available for 20 more days!

font bundle


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